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Fish processing plant Baltimer sp. z o.o.

Our Fish Processing company Baltimer provides professional and comprehensive services in the field of processing and trade. Our goal is to ensure that our fish processing plant conforms to strictest sanitary requirements and meets expectations of every customer who choosess to cooperate with us. Your satisfaction with the services provided is very important to us. We make sure that our fish processing meets the highest standards in terms of both quality and technology. Baltimer fish processing plant has the Veterinary Identification Number 32131822 (export approval to European Union countries). The processing plant we run is a guarantee of high quality and professional service - healthy, tasty and always fresh fish is our specialty!

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What distinguishes us

Our processing plant is located a short distance from the largest Polish fishing ports. Thanks to this we can offer our customers a wide range of fresh and tasty sea and freshwater fish at attractive prices. See what makes Baltimer unique compared to the competition!

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Fish processing from Sławno - see the full offer!

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of fresh fish, you've arrived to the right address! Not only do we supply high-quality cod and perch, but we also provide filleting services. Our fish processing plant Baltimer is located in Sławno, in the middle of the Polish Baltic Sea coast - within 20-100 km from the main fishing ports (Kołobrzeg, Darłowo, Ustka, Łeba, Władysławowo). Many customers, both from Poland and other European countries, have already fully appreciated it. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full offer of our fish processing plant. We cordially invite you to cooperate!


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Customers appreciate the quality of our products, professionalism and high standard of service! Our extensive experience in the trade and processing of fish is confirmed by our long-term presence on the market and flexibility in adapting the offer to the needs of consumers. Check how Baltimer looks like in numbers.


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